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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hello everbody...

    I`ve a problem to set an BGImage to an TGPanel.
    is there an way to do this?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I also have to say, that it isn't a java applet, we use TouchGraph for coding a java aplication.
      The TGPanel is set in a GLPanel, which is set in a JFrame.
      We need a BackgroundImage, so I tried to overwrite the paint methode of the TGPanel, the BackgroundImage appears short but the nodes/edges overlay the Image with a standard white Backgroundcolor.
      No way to figure it out.
      So it would be fine to find help here.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Just track the image and use the offgraphics to draw the image after fillRect.It works for application but when you have to run it on a browser you have to use a different approach to get the url of the image(luckily you don't have to do that),but i can help you if you wish to run it as applet.
      mj ;)


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