Dynamic Locality vs Static Locality

  • Joe Rykowski

    Joe Rykowski - 2002-10-04

    Ok, I've been using LinkBrowser to create a photo album, and my wife has complained to me that having to adjust Locality for certain nodes is a pain (she thinks Locality should always be 1 to avoid the clutter).  But sometimes it makes sense (visually) for current node to have Locality of 2 (so the relationship of a particular photo can be seen - I have nodes for Timeframes, Subjects, Events, etc)...

    I'm proposing that a node contain a value for Locality which would allow for "dynamically" adjusting locality as users browse the TouchGraph.  Perhaps an option to override dynamic Locality so whatever Locality you have set will be used (i.e. with the slider bar in LinkBrowser) instead of the nodes Locality setting.

    This might even help with some of the issues surrounding very large TouchGraphs... when nodes have many sub-nodes, and those sub-nodes have (cummulatively) hundreds of other sub-nodes... the TouchGraph becomes a mess in a hurry unless Locality is backed off to 1...


    P.S. - And if dynamic Locality for node is implemented, then perhaps a setting for Zoom would make sense also?

    • Alexander Shapiro

      Here are my thoughts on this.

      I like the intent behind associating a fixed locality to a node (i.e to reduce clutter), but I think that this particular implementation has problems.

      Instead of hard coding the locality to the node, do you think that checking for the number of nodes at radius 2, and decreasing the radius to 1 if there are too many would do the trick?



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