Two Window Editing

  • Humenberger

    Humenberger - 2002-01-19

    I never understood why HTML editors do not allow two window editing which would allow to select a text in one window and make a drag and drop into the other window. This way a link should have been entered in the html text of the first window.

    This should also work for setting links between different nodes of your network.

    The two window aspect would be gread because
    you could connect two nodes which otherwise are far away from each other.

    Would work like:
    Navigate in the first window to the node you want to connect

    Navigate in the second window where you want to connect.

    make a drag and drop and thats it.

    If you want to enter a new node, you could enter it in any of the two windows.

    have a nice day

    • Jack Park

      Jack Park - 2002-01-19

      Why two windows?
      Why not allow a right click on a node to add a node even while in navigate mode?

      Just a thought.

      • Alexander Shapiro

        Ah the much malighned navigate mode.  Why is it even there, they ask. 

        Well, what navigate mode mostly means is read-only mode.  For some applications a read-only mode is just an unnecessary restriction, but for others I think that it makes a lot of sence.  I think that lot's of people + especially businesses would simply like to make presentations.

        In addition, a navigate mode frees up the interface allowing for much more complex navigation.  For instance, you will see that in the current LinkBrowser app (V1.20) one can switch locality simply by clicking on a node.  The reason for this is that chances are that when a user click on a node, all they want to do is to switch locality.  In editor mode on the other hand a user clicking on a node might want to either switch locality, or to select that node to be modified in some way.  Thus, locality switching must be relegated to a menu option.  Which is an inconvenience.


    • Alexander Shapiro

      Good idea, there is already support for this type of transclusion in the OHS community.



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