different categories of nodes / edges

  • forresto.com

    forresto.com - 2003-04-29

    For example, I am making a tg with everybody in a large university group of friends, which shows how people know each other. I want to categorize nodes into classes, clubs, dating (these would be edges), vacations, sports, etc. One navigating the tg could then easily choose to only see certain categories of links.

    This would be most helpful with locality set to maximum, especially if disconnected nodes could all still be shown.

    • Gerry Magill

      Gerry Magill - 2003-04-30

      Another great idea for using this amazing SW.

      I have a challenge to all you programmers out there:

      How could Touchgraph be moulded into a generic framework for representing relationships? Think of Visual Basic... so easy to use - even managers can program with it. Or Excel Macros ....

      Could we put this is a framework that even your granny could use? It would have well documented library functions for displaying nodes and edges, whilst hiding all the Touchgraph "engine".

      We could have plugins for SQL, CORBA, SNMP, SOAP, etc. making those protocols easy to use. (I have already included SOAP and CORBA).

      Share your ideas...

      • forresto.com

        forresto.com - 2003-04-30

        I second that it can and should move towards being easier to create and deploy graphs with TG.


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