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  • Anonymous - 2003-01-20

    I haven't (yet) got a complete overview about touchgraph, I only know the google browser. But there are two thing I really would like to see:

    The abbility to DELETE nodes and edges, not just to hide.
    Sometimes there are node I don't need but they take away space, so I hide them. but when I move on to the next node, they reapear and obscur my view again.

    It would be nice when for calculating the distance edges would have different values, not only 1, thus enableing better refinemet of how many nodes are shown. Since the edges of the Google navigator allready got a distance, this should be easy to implement.

    • Alexander Shapiro

      Hi Markus,

      Deleting nodes is a good idea.  The real way to implement it would actually be to permanently hide the nodes rather then deleting them.  The distinction here is that a deleted node would come back when one fetched more data, but a permanently hidden one would remain hidden.  This feature should be supported in future versions.


    • Al Brown

      Al Brown - 2003-02-05

      If you permanently hid a node how would you get it back after you have decided that you need it again start a new session?

      Are you talking about only hiding it for the current session or permanantly?


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