Mike Fliss - 2005-04-04


For those familiar with the standard graph format in the works, GXL... consider this.  All it would take (and I'm working on this!) would be TG's ability to parse GXL files and dynamically edit any type of graph structure. 

Then, of course, it would be awesome and simple to have TG as the interface to relationship-based databases... imagine nonprofits being able to see quickly their relationship structure, and up-to-date database entries for each "node."  You could map relationships between alumni of programs, organizations, volutneers, staff, friends... and SUPER leverage it for the benefit of people.

Basically, what I want to see is TG as an interface to web-databases, like friendster, but more powerful.  Individual users could access graphs centered around them of a limited length, and search for other users individually, and add then to their graphs (similar to adding as a friend in friendster).  Using the applet, folks could update their own information easily... and download "snapshots" of graphs to include in an application version which could facillitate individual brainstorming.  Basically, it could be the "middle-group" between local-content and common content. 

I'm beginning work on a project for publicallies.org and thevolunteercenter.org that uses TG as a database interface for visualizing their community relationships.  There are a lot of steps in this process... and anyone interested in helping, especially folks in the Triangle area of NC, please contact me! :-)

But all-in-all, TG was MEANT to import graphs from GXL format.  This seems like basic functionality that would be helpful to Everyone.  Then, PHP or Whatever could serve up GXL converted versions of databases based on SQL calls... and the applet could catch it and render it easily.  Step one though, is getting it to take a GXL stream describing the graph.