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    I'm dealing with the following problem:

    I have an MS Access 2000 database in which data about organisations, relations, etc. is stored. I have an organisation table with info about the organisation, and a relation table where two orgcodes (organisations) are related to each other. I want to create a (dynamic) graph for the related organisations. In a way you can clearly see the different relations. I was wondering if someone can help me on how to create a visualisation like this.

    I saw touchgraph works on links, but can I use something that will work on a database.

    I hope someone can help me, thanks in advance,

    Bob v/d Ende

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Sorry, I think there went something wrong, serverside. Otherwise I can't explain why there are THREE threads.


    • Alexander Shapiro

      Hi Bob,

      There are two possible ways to visualize this data,

      1.  Export the Access DB to XML
      2.  Create a module for TouchGraph to read directly from the database.

      Both of these options are possible, but will require a bit of coding.  Please contact me at for more info.



    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I'm not such a coding expert.

      There aren't modules yet, that handle interaction with a database? Or perhaps other tools that can perform tasks like this. I've tried divers tools that create organisation chart, but none of them gives the required output.

      Does someone know how to export a MS Access DB tot XML. I had a converter, but it doesn't work on Win 98, the OS I'm working with.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I've found a tool (schemer advanced) where I can export my MS Access data to a XML file.

      Do you have an idea how I can create a graph at this point?


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