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IRC Channel

I have created an IRC channel on Freenode to discuss toten development and usage. #toten on freenode.

Posted by Thisnukes4u 2005-12-11


I have started to document Toten using doxygen. The documentation is available on the project homepage,

Posted by Thisnukes4u 2005-12-03

Objective C rewrite

I am completely rewriting the existing codebase in Objective C because I feel that an object-oriented language better suits the program and Objective C suits my programming style better than C++. I figure it will be easier to do this now, before I so anything more, so that more development will go on later and at a quicker pace. This is a move for maintanability and ease of coding in the long run.

Posted by Thisnukes4u 2005-11-19

First Development release

Here is the first Development release for all of you guys to play with. "toten" is the server, and "Toten" is the perl bindings for toten. You need both for it to compile out of the box, but if you fool around with the Makefile's you can stop that, but then it isn't very useful. Anyways, have fun!

Posted by Thisnukes4u 2005-10-29

Azog, Perl

Quite a bit has been added this week. The azog client has basic capabilities, and perl support is coming along nicely. I'll be gone the next two weekends, so development won't be as fast, but I will continue working on it.

Posted by Thisnukes4u 2005-10-10

Coding schedule, CIA...

Alright, last night I imported toten into CVS and set it up to work with CIA. The CIA url is in case you were wondering. My schedule of coding is basically a lot on friday and saturday nights, and some intermitent during the week. If I do code during the week, I usually don't commit it until the weekend because most of them aren't big changes. Even if they are I will wait till friday night because I like to check everything over before I commit it(most of the time). Okay, look forward for the first pre-alpha release sometime near the end of October.

Posted by Thisnukes4u 2005-10-01


I am in the initial planning and development right now, but you can expect a CVS import by the weekend.

Posted by Thisnukes4u 2005-09-28