Dear TOSS devs!

I'm impressed especially by the ideas related to the AI of this project, especially how it learns to play arbitrary board games. I'm interested in developing some sort of NLP interface (or some sort of NLP board game at the beginning ) for TOSS based on the learning techniques this AI uses for board games and contribute it to this project.
I think that the learning technique TOSS uses could also be a breakthrough in natural language processing of simple sentences.

I managed to compile TOSS on Tiny Core Linux, but how can I compile changed toss example files in such a way that the browser interface will be adapted to the new file, and the TOSS AI will have created tactics for my modified toss file
such that I can test the AI. Is it described in the reference pdf? I will read it the next days.

Another question: Is it possible to hide game knowledge from the AI? If not, no big deal,
since I can model unknown knowledge by the "movements" of other players.

And can you add me to the mailing list please?

Best regards,
Patrick Hammer