TortoiseSVN 1.8.3 released


TortoiseSVN 1.8.3 is ready for download.
It is linked against Subversion 1.8.4.

This is a bugfix-only release.

You can get it from our download page:

The changelog since 1.8.2:
Version 1.8.3
- BUG: Issue #546: "Restore after commit" fails to restore in some situations. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #547: "Show Log" fails from the merge dialog. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #549: spell checker misses last char in a word. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #550: shell column handler not registered. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #556: Crash closing properties dialog. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #557: Ignored items always set global ignores. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #554: newline symbol is always the same in TortoiseMerge. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #558: Crash in log dialog. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #559: Crash in moved-blocks detection in TortoiseMerge. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #561: unified diff shows absolute paths. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #565: spurious NUL chars shown in blame. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #566: Wrong encoding detection in TortoiseBlame. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #567: too many rename suggestions. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #568: missing autocompletion for filenames with '-'. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #569: Redirects not fully followed in repo browser. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #570: moved-blocks detection changes diff blocks. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #571: multi-rename renames the first file wrong. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #573: Crash applying patch with urls. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #576: TortoiseMerge: Double-click word should highlight whole word only. (Sup Yut Sum)
- BUG: Issue #577: TortoiseMerge: LocationBar highlights should respect all options in FindDlg. (Sup Yut Sum)
- BUG: Issue #578: resolving types of conflicts individually. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #579: UI glitch renaming in tree view in repo browser. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #580: Crash in TortoiseIDiff loading corrupted icon file. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #581: Restore-after-commit leaves temp file flag. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #583: Tagging with fixed externals revision fails if spaces in target path is used. (Stefan)
- NEW: Issue #551: Remember the 'ignore ancestry' option. (Stefan)
- NEW: Issue #552: Tri-State checkbox handling in repo browser. (Sergey Azarkevich)
- NEW: Issue #563: Add "do this for all items" checkbox when removing multiple properties. (Stefan)

Posted by L. Onken 2013-10-30

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