TortoiseSVN 1.7.9 released


We messed up. The last release of TortoiseSVN introduced a bug that
causes other applications to crash. Since we try to play nice, we're
releasing version 1.7.9 to fix that bug.

A few other bugs have been fixed as well, including a problem with SSL
and authentication.

This version is still linked with svn 1.7.6.

you can download it from here:

The complete changelog:
Version 1.7.9
- BUG: Issue #394: crash when refreshing
status list control. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #396: crashes in various commands if the
config file is invalid. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #398: Copied files don't get reverted
to recycle bin. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #399: Selecting an url from the
repbrowser clears the url. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #400: repo browser crash when
refreshing. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #401: Exception shown when blame is
called for an url. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue #402: various crashes in
other applications. (Stefan)
- BUG: Issue 404: checkbox width calculated wrong
if visual styles are disabled. (Stefan)

Posted by L. Onken 2012-09-10

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