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TortoiseHg 0.4 released


We are pleased to announce that the installer for TortoiseHg 0.4 is now available for download on SourceForge:

Here are some highlight of this release:
- updated to Mercurial 1.0.1
- replaced Hgk with internal changelog viewer.
- many potentially time-consuming operations may now be interrupted.
- new config option to fine-tune display of overlay icons.

Please checkout the release note for the list of changes:

In addition to the changes on TortoiseHg, this installer also saw the following changes:
- the Forest extension has been updated (rev 715440e45bf4, dated 28-Jan-2008).
- The binary for Tcl/Tk has been unbundled (since Hgk has been replaced by our
internal changelog viewer).
- Pywin32 library has been updated to Build 211.

As usual, non-Windows users of TortoiseHg can pull from the main repository
to get the latest release of hgtk and the dialogs:

Please post your comment or issues to the TortoiseHg's mailing list:

Thank you.

Posted by TK Soh 2008-08-17

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