Maybe I’m dumb, but I cant figure out how to fill in the Make new Module dialog in order to create a repository.   I am attempting to do this on my computer (as a test) .  My computer is part of my domain, (mydomain) and I am running Vista.  To make it simple,


1.         I am planning to use Windows authentication as the protocol.

2.       What are the protocol parameters that are required for Windows Authentication?

3.       For server I simply enter the name of my computer [mycomputer]

4.       I leave the port blank

5.       For Repository Folder, I enter the folder.  I have tried D:\foldername and just /foldername

6.       For User Name, I enter my windows logon account user name.

7.       Where/how do I specify my windows password?

8.       For Module, I allow it to default to the folder that I originally right mouse clicked on to select the New Module menu choice.

When I click the OK button, I get the message:


Trouble launching the CVS Process: cvs.exe –q import –m foldername tcvs-vendor tcvs-release On folder:

C:\users\\appData\Local\Temp\TortoiseCVS make new module temp\

The handle is invalid


Can someone help me.  It is probably just a syntax problem