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Getting An Error - Read This

G'day everyone,

Just wanted to bring to your attention for those of you that download anything and everything using torrents. I have created a small and simple utility that has a large collection of torrent sites, torrent irc servers, torrent sites that have torrent applications.

Think of it as a portable favourites of all torrent sites compiled into one application.

The first file contains an ocx which is for the gui of the application, the 2nd file is a file called update.exe.... read more

Posted by JF3000 Software 2007-01-24

September Update - Torrent Database

Has been awhile since any kind of update, have gone back to the drawing board, and will revise the entire application, with more stabability enabling more frequent updates, cleaner setup, detailed reports of whats going on, and a comprehensive database structure.

I have also taken onboard some assistance from other developers, and credit will be given to them, in the areas they have helped on. Thank you.

Posted by JF3000 Software 2006-09-17

June Update - TDA

As its been sometime since I have actually touched this, I thought id come back and update everything, along with the application I have been working on.

At this stage, I am resorting to a planning stage, and going over the basic fundamentals of the application and slowly over time, the application will grow for users of allsorts to use, and hopefully help those who are searching for whatever there needs be.... read more

Posted by JF3000 Software 2006-06-20