Pit rules for a new track?

  • Khairul Kasmiran

    Can anyone tell me how to add pits to a new track? I have looked at the supplied tracks in TORCS but they all have long start-finish straights. I have only 590 feet to work with. And as far as I know, you can't have curved pits in TORCS.

    I don't need the full 16 or 20 pit slots. Just 1 would be enough (but hopefully more).

    FYI, this is yet another version of the Aalborg track from RARS. I have looked at the Aalborg track in CVS, but it appears that the start-finish straight in that track has been changed significantly. That's too much like "changing the question" to me. :-)

    • Christos Dimitrakakis

      Here are my thoughts on the pits:

      1. You can have curved pits, but they don't look nice. Bots might have problems entering them.

      2. Most pits are straight in real tracks, but they are not obliged to be parallel to the track.

      It would be nice to have a little road that takes you to the pits and then another road to take you back to the track, in the style of most F1 tracks. That'd mean a considerable rewrite of track-related code, however.

      PS. When the pits start before the finish line and end after it, there seems to be a problem with the pit floor graphics alignment.

    • Bernhard Wymann

      Bernhard Wymann - 2005-04-20

      Simply look up the other tracks XML files to learn how to add pits. If you want your pits working with the AI's it should be on a straight, I have currently not in mind all the other side effects to expect. If you do a new track you could simply make yourself more room for the pits, no?
      Btw. I changed Aalborg this way not just to add pits, but as well to make it a bit more interesting, the previous "almost straight zic zac" was simply boring and took away space for a possible pit, so IMHO the hairpin with with the banked turn and the straight is better.

      Bye, Bernhard.

      • Eric Espie

        Eric Espie - 2005-04-20

        I agree, the new Aalborg is 100x better and nicer than the previous one.
        Note that pit stops can be added anywhere on the track, not necessary around the start lane.
        The pits need to be in a straight for the AI but I think
        it should be OK on a very large turn, nevertheless the 3D objects may be a little broken in this case. Also if the track is not flat at the pits some problems can occur.


    • Khairul Kasmiran

      I finally found out why trackgen was giving me so much grief. I was using version 3-style pit attributes in a version 4 track file.

      More diagnostics from trackgen would be greatly appreciated.


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