Survey closed for 1.2 features

I have decided to close the poll for 1.2 features since I'm just about
to branch it and start hacking away. I got 12 responses. The results
are as follows:

Modify objects through browser: 4.58
Visual reverseengineering: 3.91
Code completion in worksheet: 3.50
Improved database tuning: 3.42
Support for objects in Oracle: 2.17
Querybuilding by point & click: 1.67

Which basically means for me that I will do the first 3, and probably
skip the last 2. Especially the last one will definitely be
dropped. This corresponded very well with my own thoughts, except
probably the first item which I would have placed third (I never use
the browser myself). There were also a few other suggestions of

Instance configurator

What I have taken this to mean is basically a pfile editor. This was
suggested by two people.

Backup & Recovery

I have never used this part of Oracle myself, it is on the TODO list
but because of lack of interest from me it has a pretty low
priority. If anybody want to step up to the plate and implement this
be my guest and I'll supply as much support as posible.

Then there were two suggestions that I have no idea what they mean:

Better support for viewing the complete source code to Pl/SQL Packages.
Spotlight For Oracle Features..

Anybody who has a clue which can explain them to me please send me a

GlobeCom AB

Posted by Henrik Johnson 2001-07-30

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