Hi all, I was looking to introducing Utf8 support in Tora...
I planned to do this in 2 steps:
1) enable Utf8 support in Qscintilla
2) enable Unicode support in otl

So far I started with the first step. The problem is that there is a bug in Qscintilla Utf8 support (see the forwarded message).
I asked Phil Thompson (Qscintilla author) when there will be the next QScintilla release, with the fix, and he said at least 2 months, and that it will be Qt4 based...
Now, I don't know how much time it will require, but when a Qt4 based Qscintilla version is released do we plan to port Tora to Qt4?


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>Da: Phil Thompson [mailto:phil@riverbankcomputing.co.uk]
>Inviato: luned́ 20 marzo 2006 14.10
>A: Dandrea Francesco
>Oggetto: Re: QScintilla and Utf8
>On Monday 20 March 2006 12:58 pm, you wrote:
>> Hi, maybe I have found a problem about QScintilla support of Utf8.
>> To enable the QScintilla Utf8 support I have to call setUtf8(true)
>> method.
>> But then I have a trouble with selection. It seems that if I
>have a non
>> ascii char and I call QextScintilla::setSelection(int lineFrom,int
>> indexFrom, int lineTo, int indexTo) the selection is wrong,
>because it
>> considers the multi-byte encoded char as more than one chars...
>> I think the problem is in the method long
>> QextScintilla::posFromLineIndex(int line,int index). In this
>method the
>> position is obtained from the sum of the linestart position + the
>> column, which is wrong when there is some multi-byte char in the row
>> itself...
>> I'm using Qscintilla 1.6 (based on Scintilla 1.65).
>> Is there a special place where the bug should be reported?
>No - this address is fine.
>> Do you think
>> that there is a way to work around it?
>I don't think so. I'll add it to the things to get fixed in
>the next version.
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