Which version of Tora did you compile?. In the latest CVS (and in Tora 1.3.18) the change is already there I think (please look at http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/*checkout*/tora/tora/acinclude.m4?rev=1.9 to confirm...)

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>Thomas Porschberg
>Inviato: marted́ 17 gennaio 2006 10.36
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>Oggetto: [Tora-develop] instantclient and acinclude.m4
>today I tried to compile tora with instantclient-10G (linux)
>but I must modify acinclude.m4. Otherwise the sample oci application
>did not compile.
>(added an else branch
> else
> ora_ldflags="-L$oracle_user_lib"
> ora_cflags="-I$oracle_user_inc"
>for the
> "if test "x$oracle_user_lib" = "x" && test
>"x$oracle_user_inc" = "x"; then"
>The reason was that the path to oracle-libs and oracle-includes
>specified with --with-oracle-includes / --with-oracle-libraries
>was not taken for the oci-sample.
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