That's okay, I can't test it right now, either. It compiles though. :-)

On Sat, Dec 18, 2010 at 1:28 PM, Tomas Straupis <> wrote:

2010-09-29 Jörg Wedekind:
> using tora I get the following message if I use <F4> to describe some tables
> within a SQL statement: "Object TABLE_NAME (DB_USER) cannot be described"
> <...>
> I found out that this is a caching issue - the objectCache is outdated and on
> our DB always new tables are added and others are modified the F4 Key shows
> old values or the error information
> <...>

 From revision 3846 toDescribe will actually re-query the database
for objects with an owner and name the same as the object being
described and will update the cache if an object has appeared since
the last caching.

 One of the changes was to change declaration of
toConnection::rereadObjects. It now accepts arguments:

virtual std::list<toConnection::objectName> objectNames(const QString
&owner = "",
QString &type = "",
QString &name = "");

 These new arguments allow filtering objects being queried (for
performance, so that TOra does not go through all schemas and

 I've updated corresponding calls in toqsqlconnection.cpp and

 I didn't change QSql part to actually USE these parameters (so for
the time being trying to describe an object which is not in the cache
will cause full object cache re-requering for PostgreSQL and MySQL).
Will do necessary changes next week, when I have access to PostgreSQL
and MySQL databases.

 Mike, I didn't update teradata file as you could be currently
changing that. The only thing you have to do for it to compile should
be adding these new argument. Please tell me if this is not ok. I will
update declaration of teradata function but will be unable to test...

P.S. High level description of cache changes are here:

Tomas Straupis

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