if I specify "--prefix /sw/share" configure fails and I get the usage output...without it the configure completes.
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I've gotten these myself and it doesn't seem to be any problem.

Underscore AB

Justin Wright wrote:
Thank you!  I've gotten much farther.
It appears to have run through configure and made the Makefile.
But, then I get "creating designer files .fcntl :Bad file descriptor".  It repeats "fcntl :Bad file descriptor" _many_ times.
Then, "done", "creating moc files", etc.

Do I need to worry about the "Bad file descriptor" messages?

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From: Jan Pruner [mailto:jan@pruner.cz]
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Try --without-kde and --with-mono
I never had a luck to compile it with KDE (but I'm using SuSE on Intel).

Jan Pruner

On Thursday 24 October 2002 15:03, Justin Wright wrote:
I'm having no luck getting TOra to configure.
I've seen the messages in the archive that the configure script works under
OS X, but there's nothing there explaining what switches need to be
provided to the configure script.

So far, no matter which switches I provide, all I get is the usage output
for configure.

right now, I'm using : --without-oracle --prefix /sw/share
--with-qt-include /sw/include --with-qt-libs /sw/lib --with-kde
--with-kde-include /sw/include --with-kde-libs /sw/lib --with-qt-uic
/sw/bin/uic --with-qt-moc /sw/bin/moc --with-qt \sw\share\qt

any hint from someone who has managed to get TOra compiled?

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