On 09/10/2013 02:15 PM, Zippy Dufus wrote:
I, myself, run Fedora19 and have always compiled and used latest version of the code from the repository.
Occasionally, I find myself forced to work on a Windows platform hence my effort long ago to compile
a Windows release.  Back at that time, the official Tora Windows build may or may not run 
on particular Windows machines depending what DLLs where installed.  I was not interested in 
figuring out the problem(s) and then having to have to grovel to IT managers for Windows updates.
The Mingw build avoids this issue.   This build can be easily "sneaked" on to a Windows workstation
as it avoids the flourish and fanfare of a proper Windows installation.

However, I have distributed my Windows build to many co-workers who generally liked it.

Try to use some .zip files from http://sourceforge.net/projects/tora/files/tora-experimental/
These also should be re-distributable. With one exception, due to differences in C++ ABI
between Mingw and MSVC you should not have Mingw QT .dlls installed and registered in Windows.

I would be nice if QT-project provided official redist installer for QT runtime libraries,
like Microsoft does with MSVC runtime libs.

>>  1. With the ODBC connection, all the tools except the SQL Editor tool
>>    and Project Manager are disabled.  Is there a easy way to enable
>>    them with little or no code changes?  I am "imagining" that I
>>    could use the brilliant Edit SQL feature and override certain
>>    queries which support my workflows with their native MSSQL
>>    equivalents.  Would the TOra programming know the difference if
>>    the result set was identical?  The Schema Browser is of particular
>>    interest if only to review table layouts.  Does this sound feasible?
>Yes. But unfortunately the "Project Manager" (aka TemplateEditor) is not 
>so far supported in Tora3 version.
>I had to put a lot of code into folder "obsolete" to make things 
>working. So you have to recompile Tora each time you modify the SQL :(
So is the "Template Editor" the same feature as "Edit SQL"?  That would be a shame
to deprecate this because I just tweaked the SQL template that generates the 
schema extraction so it explicitly says NULL on the column definition of the 
CREATE TABLE statement.  MSSQL requires this else the column is NOT NULL
by default.   I used this tool to port 102 table definitions from Oracle to MSSQL.
It's the same - it consists of classes named toEditSQL and toTemplate*
Just checked this thing for the 1st time.

All it does, is that it allows you to add/remove/modify internal representation
of the toSQL class? Can you save more that one definition into the .sql file?

Can you provide that file? We can "embed" your definitions directly Tora's codebase.

Do you use it together with toScript tool (DB or schema extraction, ...)?

>In your opinion which option is more feasible for MSSQL support on 
>- use QSql through QODBC through FreeTDS
>- use FreeTDS directly without any wrappers

I can't answer this yet.  I am still mystified how the ODBC connectivity actually works.
I've created (Linux) a .odbc.ini file and I know that the ODBC connection uses it.  On Windows, 
once I have set up a odbc connection, the QSql sees this.  So all if fine for my workflows.

I've just added odbc.ini parser, so it will at least offer list of ODBC databases
on startup. The rest is still "not-implemented".