I found the reason of this. It happens only after the variable watch got the null value. This condition (from todebug.cpp, method void toDebug::selectedWatch())

if (!item->text(5).isEmpty()&&item->text(5)!=QString::fromLatin1("LIST")) {

is true, since item->text(5)==QString::fromLatin1(""NULL").

and so the button to remove the watch is disabled.

I changed the line

if (!item->text(5).isEmpty()&&item->text(5)!=QString::fromLatin1("LIST"))


if (!item->text(5).isEmpty()&&item->text(5)!=QString::fromLatin1("LIST")&&item->text(5)!=QString::fromLatin1("NULL")) {

and it works.

I don't produce a patch because I don't understand a thing. When a watched variable is null the fifth column is "NULL":
          else if (ret==TO_ERROR_NULLVALUE) {
            if (toTool::globalConfig(CONF_INDICATE_EMPTY,"").isEmpty())
            item->setText(5,QString::fromLatin1("NULL"));   //<---fifth column to "NULL"

When the variable gains a value, the fifth column is still "NULL". Is this right?

Francesco Dandrea
IT Telecom, Software Factory Trento
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