You will need to change the following lines in tomain.cpp:

  if (!toTool::globalConfig(CONF_MAXIMIZE_MAIN,"Yes").isEmpty())


  if (!toTool::globalConfig(CONF_MAXIMIZE_MAIN,"").isEmpty())

Also, there is a corresponding entry in toglobalsetting.cpp which sets the default in the preferences dialog box.


Michael Meskes wrote:
[Sorry for the long delay, but I didn't find the time to test this.]

On Sun, May 18, 2003 at 10:35:32PM +0200, Henrik (Mauritz) Johnson wrote:
There are two options for this. The first one is "Maximize Window On 
Start" which I think is pretty obvious. The second is "Restore Session 
On Startup". Selecting the second will restore all windows and 
connections to the state they were in when you last exited TOra 
gracefully (It will perform a "Restore last session" on startup. The 
latter option is only available in TOra 1.3.x releases.

Actually I meant something different. What I'd like to have is a fresh
installation of tora not opening in full srceen. I tried changing this
in the sources by using some maximize parameters but failed. Is it
somehow possible to make tora start with a smaller size if it hasn't
been run before?