I think release 9.2 should work if compiled from source except some issues with the PL/SQL debugger which I haven't been able to pin down.

Regarding the tarballs the stopped being generated a while ago because SourceForge made it impossible to access the CVS from the shell account on their servers. I'm working now to fix this problem.

Regarding additional crashes for I am not aware of this. Is it when you do anything specific you get this problem.

Underscore AB

Frits Hoogland wrote:
is support for oracle 9.2.x already supported for the newest version? (support during compilation)
if not, are you planning support for 9.2?
I still can not download the nightly tarball.
I'm still using the 1.3.8 version, because (the rpm's; I use oracle 9.2) crash from time to time. Can I help on some way?
have you made some progress on your new idea of the performance manager? I really would love some precise functionality in tora!
has been a while!