Improved session tool with long ops support and more improvements, invalid object tool,
connection dialog, extraction straight to disc, template help, schema browser shows extents.
Save object cache to disk for reuse. Improved execute all functionality in worksheet. There
is also a huge optimization in handling large results and editors have also been optimized.
Furthermore passwords are no longer stored in cleartext in registry or configfile but are
obfuscated (Not to be confused with encrypted), will read registry and obfuscate on first
use which will make passwords unreadable for all earlier versions of TOra. Also if you use
Qt 3.1 (All binaries do) a TOra without Qt 3.1 or later will not be able to read obfuscated
passwords since without Qt 3.1 they are not as unreadable as with Qt 3.1. Off course there
is also the usual accompanying large assortments of bugfixes and minor approvements. Also
new with this release is the decontinuation of the glibc 2.1 distribution and now all
binaries are based on glibc 2.2. TOra should still support Qt 2.3 and upwards and most libc
variants when compiled from source.

Also notable are that a few really annoying bugs for windows users are fixed including problems
with some settings not being saved and problems compiling packages written in another windows
text editor.

The new version is available immediately for download from the TOra homepage at

Underscore AB

Changes: 2002-02-09: Made extract to directory generate a tora project file. 2002-02-09: Fixed problem with detecting Oracle versions on Personal Oracle servers. 2002-02-08: Fixed a newly introduced SIGSEGV in the storage manager. 2002-02-08: Fixed a SIGSEGV in toResultViewCheck::setText. 2002-02-08: Strip \r before executing anything for Oracle since it seems to choke on it. 2002-02-08: Fixed ignoring of initial / again in worksheet. 2002-02-08: Some fixes in generating static binaries. 2002-02-07: Added default option to only show active sessions in sessionmanager. 2002-02-07: Changed default pane in session to current statement. 2002-02-07: Added long ops pane to session manager. 2002-02-07: Added progress from long ops to session view. 2002-02-07: Other minor windows compilation fixes. 2002-02-07: Fixed problem with settings not being saved in windows. 2002-02-07: Don't repaint entire editor when entering ' in an editor. 2002-02-06: Fixed problem with toObfuscate. 2002-02-06: Stop query before traversing log. 2002-02-06: Fixed problem with text depending on allText content in listviews. 2002-02-06: Fixed problem with columns not being extracted from triggers. 2002-02-06: Made TriggerInfo be in right SQL group. 2002-02-05: Report error to UI not just console in alert messenger. 2002-02-05: Fixed lock in alert messenger when not privy to use it. 2002-02-05: Added checks if saving to registry in windows fails. 2002-02-05: Fixed spelling error of update check. 2002-02-05: Optimization of result list by caching info we need (Huge improvement on sorting). 2002-02-05: Fixed problem with allText not working in multiline listviewitems. 2002-02-04: If saving result in worksheet save them when executing all. 2002-02-04: Execute all only select what has actually been executed. 2002-02-04: Execute all only executes rest from current cursor position. 2002-02-04: Progress dialog on execute all. 2002-02-04: Added some more quotes. 2002-02-04: Fixed compile clash with pthread in tooutput.cpp. 2002-02-04: Fixed a minor bug when saving results in worksheet. 2002-02-04: Real performance boost on resorting of results. 2002-02-04: Changed twirl logo to MNG instead of GIF. 2002-02-04: Updated sample makefile to reflect real makefile. 2002-02-04: Click on background twirl icon and see list of running queries. 2002-02-04: Keep track of what is executing on connections. 2002-02-03: Try to use as close popup menu as posible when enabling items in menues. 2002-02-03: Use erase functions to erase old connection history. 2002-02-03: Added functions to erase configuration keys. 2002-02-03: Updated swedish translation. 2002-02-03: Updated version to 1.3.9. 2002-02-03: Obfuscate passwords before saving them to the registry. 2002-02-03: Added functions to obfuscate text. 2002-02-03: Added commit distance option in script plugin. 2002-02-02: Added tablespace in extent widget (Thanx Oliver Jehle) 2002-02-02: Added option of commit distance when creating table contents in extractor. 2002-02-01: Added extent view in browser. 2002-02-01: Added result extent class. 2002-02-01: Fixed problem with lots of parameters to configure. (Thanx Mihai Ibanescu) 2002-02-01: Changed resize rows to 500 from 200 in resultviews. 2002-02-01: Added option to never read object cache. (Thanx Oliver Jehle) 2002-02-01: Added keybinding to stop all queries. (Thanx Oliver Jehle) 2002-02-01: Added UI to script to output extraction to file instead of editor. 2002-02-01: Made extractor output to stream instead of strings. 2002-02-01: Fixed warning in Qt only. 2002-01-31: Remember what was open in template editor after it has been closed. 2002-01-31: Insert executed statement when executing from log in worksheet. 2002-01-31: Fixed problem in extractor on some indexes. 2002-01-30: Show active sessions in session manager. 2002-01-30: Fixed bug so you can add new users/roles in security manager. 2002-01-23: Added delete history connection in connect dialog. (Thanx Oliver Jehle) 2002-01-23: Added funtionality for custom popup menues for listviews. (Thanx Oliver Jehle) 2002-01-23: Added a keep alive option to the database settings. 2002-01-17: Fixed compile warning in result columns. 2002-01-16: Add recompile all to invalid objects. 2002-01-16: Added support for object cache disk caching (Whoah, lot of caching there) (Thanx Oliver Jehle) 2002-01-16: Improved order of dirs in configure. (Thanx Oliver Jehle) 2002-01-16: Remember last filter in browser. (Thanx Oliver Jehle) 2002-12-13: Made configure detect lupdate. 2002-10-29: Fix configure problem with qt-mt. 2002-10-23: Use msleep if QT_THREAD_SUPPORT to help fink users. 2002-10-23: Added column with server PID to session view. 2002-10-23: Fixed problem with translated chartlabels. 2002-10-09: Don't add multiple include paths or a -I/usr/include.