I will hopefully make the next release (Which will be named 1.3.5) around the second of april this release should then contain the first parts of modifying stuff from within the database browser (Oracle only) like creating tables, dropping constraints etc...

GlobeCom AB

John D. Gwinner wrote:
Hey, better something stable that's still on track than a release just
to make a schedule.

When *IS* the next release? Will you skip 1.3.5 then?

== John ==

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I've decided to cancel the scheduled 1.3.5 release becasue
for once my
version of TOra isn't really releasable (In flux because of a lot of
code being added and not thouroughly tested yet). I'm not behind
schedule and the version previously refered to as 1.3.6 in
the release
schedule will hopefully still be released on time and with
the planned
functionality. I just think that I will get too many bugreports if I
release a 1.3.5 version today.

GlobeCom AB

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