it's working!!
some firsthand notes:
* tora doesn't understand tempfiles for temporary tablespaces. this is new in 8irel2.

Where doesn't it understand them? They should show up in the storage tool even though you can't create them yourself using this tool.

-> monitoring performance: my specialism!
* tora refreshes too much screens, it makes 'the clock' appear too long. can a button be added to these screens so it can be switched on when you want it?
The only thing that is refreshed should be the graphs and the screen currently showing. I'll have a look at this just to be sure.
* this gets even worse when multiple databases are accessed in one session
* in fact real tuning can be done with a 'delta graph' off the top statistics in v$system_event. this is somewhat done in the charts tab with wait events, but it SO important, just as cache misses are NOT. how is your opinion on making a seperate tab of system events? tora then can get the top statistics (or let me choose the top statistics i want to see; some like rdbms ipc reply are not important) and display them in a bigger screen.
This graph exists doesn't it? Also, all graphs are updated in the background thus not affecting the interface being locked. I will work more on this for the 1.4 release so that pretty much all of the statistics updating will be in the background.
-> others
* no java to be found in tora; it's there in 8irel2 and 9i  
I've never used Java myself, and have no idea how any of that works. Mayby for 2.0. What exactly is it you are missing in regards to the Java stuff?
  yes, the wait events are that important. the former tool I used to support (the maker) and used to tune with was EZSQL. After I had an email conversation with someone of Quest software because of a publication of redolog tuning I wrote, the maker of EZSQL is now a Quest employee. If you are willing I can help you in (further) converting tora into a tuning tool.
Off course I'm interested in help.
  I work with programmers too, so input on other parts of tora are also given here and there in the organisation I work for.
  Please look after the fact that the performance measuring tool may not be the program that creates the most I/O!!
I know TOra will generate a lot of I/O when the tuning screen is open and you have a short update interval. You really shouldn't put it lower than about 1 minute. There's not much I can do about this though. You can define the charts you want to show up in the tuning part of the program using the SQL editor. Also if you have a database without high load on it TOra might generate a lot of I/O (in comparison), however if you have a highload database TOra will barely show up on the horizon.

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