No, there are no plans for two versions. However using some tweaking of the makefile you very easily make this yourself. If you run the command:

grep "static to[A-Za-z]*Tool" *.cpp

You find all the files that contain tool definitions. They are pretty self sufficient (Although the worksheet is embedded in other tools in a few places) so you can simply remove the tools you don't want from the makefile and type make and vioala a stripped down tora. If you have a plugin based tora it's even simpler. Just remove the installed plugins from the /usr/local/lib/tora directory. Another not so vilent version is that you can disable the tools from the "Edit|Options|Tools" and decide which tools should be visible in the user interface, however any user who finds this can reenable them. TOra will read a global config file in /etc/torarc if no config file exists for a user. Furthermore even though you have access to the tools a user running TOra can off course not do anything a user running sqlplus so if you don't have access to server tuning the window will simply be empty.

I've fixed the PERL stuff so it will work if perl is in the path also BTW.

GlobeCom AB

Jan Eliasen wrote:
On Tue, 13 Nov 2001, Henrik Johnson wrote:

I already have. Not finding PERL though, but it will give a more
instructive error message now, finding a program using the path in sh is
just too much of a hasle. I will find gcc using the path though.
Okay... I thought; The command "which" - doesn't it look in the path after
the parameter - in your case "perl"?? Because then perl is allready IN the
path - and you don't need the full path to it each time you call it??

I'm recompiling TOra right now - I've tried to add
setenv LDFLAGS "-R/pack/kde/lib -R/pack/qt-2.3.1/lib" to my environment -
not checking if it is actually used.. but I'd like to not have all users
have the LD_LIBRARY_PATH set in order to run TOra.

And when we try to start the debugger, everything goes down - could that
be because we only have oracle 8.0.5 installed here? We think so.

And just one last thing; The program looks excellent. We were looking for
a replacement to sqlplus - and well - I think we found it :-) Have you
thought about making two "versions"? Not all users should have access to
server tuning, for instance.