Ah, that would be nasty.  & and all also I'd suppose.  I used to have a routine that would escape everything, but I'm not sure where it is.  Let me know if you need anything.
One other bug: when you 'cut' the format is indeed HTML but the clip board format is 'text'.  The result is if you paste into an HTML document, you get the <'s and all inserted AS html, i.e. you see the HTML text.  I successfully get around this by using Visual Studio's HTML editor to paste into the HTML tab (not the design tab). 
In other words, it pastes as mostly OK HTML but it pastes AS text.
I've noticed another bug in output of explain plans; when the level goes 'up' the &nbsp; seems to get cut off.  Do you need an example? Any moderately complex explain plan will show this bug when you 'select all' and 'copy including header' to HTML.
               == John ==
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I think the problem is with that I don't escape <> chars in the HTML. Will fix.

Underscore AB

John D. Gwinner wrote:

(HTML format to show the bug, I can upload if necessary)

In the SGA trace tool, I select one row in the top pane, then 'export to a file' (it would be nice to be able to copy directly like the bottom pane).

Several things:

1) HTML export is obviously bugged
2) Feature request: a right click menu similar to the results pane.

(Oracle people don't give me a hard time about my SGA <G>).

               == John ==