I just noticed that I was emailing Jeff and Henrik directly, not the mailing list.
This is related to getting the 'server tuning tool' working.  It crashes within 2-3 minutes or right away for me.  It will not stay up if 'refresh' is turned to any value.  It sometimes crashes on the first manual refresh.
I tried it on a client workstation, and the same thing happened.  As a matter of fact, it worked for a while, but after about 5 minutes the entire desktop went 'gray' and it started drawing all over the desktop.  I couldn't get any tab on the server performance tab to stay up for longer than a minute or two.
Win2K, SP3, very clean machine (no development environment, etc).
I'm not displaying any GDI objects on the task manager when it crashes (per previous email).
I wonder if it's related to the data that the server tab is gathering - we are dealing exclusivly with Oracle Applications, in this case 11.5.8.  It's a quite large database (many schema's, 10k tables, etc).
I would really like to use the server tuning tab but it doesn't work at all for me.
This is version (latest version WITH the server tuning tab).
All other tools seem to work ok.
               == John ==