I have also uploaded  tora-zd. in the tora-experimental folder.  

This is the 32 bit MinGW build and was done using almost the identical procedure and scripts as the Mingw64 build.  Both build environments are set up on the same Fedora 17 x64 virtual machine.

I'll send another package with the mingw32 scripts and the how-to in a week or so after I get some time to edit and review it.

I suggest that when you include these in SVN, there will now be 2 folders under a MinGW folder such as MinGW/Tora64 and MinGW/Tora32.  Perhaps the original directory (win32-cross) could be removed since it is out-of-date.

I'm also looking at the Fedora 17 source rpm for mingw32(and 64)-qt to see if the spec file can be easily altered to build the MySQL (and PostgreSQL) plugin as well.  No promises with this though!