#79 new tool, data transfer

Robert Wolf

Add a new tool that is similar to the 'DB Extraction'

This new tool will transfer the data, i.e. table rows
- from one database connection's table
- to another database connection's table

The user would do the following:
1) select the desired table to transfer from
2) select the desired columns to transfer
3) specify optional where clause to select which rows
4) select the desired table to receive to
5) select the desired columns to receive
6) then select go

The program would then open a row cursor on the source
table and row by row, do an insert on the destination
table. This way there is no intermediate files.
Have a indicator displaying total number of rows,
number of rows transferred so far, percentage of
completion, current rate of rows transferred per
minute, estimated time left to complete the transfer.


  • Henrik Johnson
    Henrik Johnson

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    Good idea, using a DB link you can do this with a simple:

    insert into {a} select {b}@{link};

    But as I said I think it could be a good idea and I'll try
    to add it before 1.4.

    GlobeCom AB

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    Well, the important part for oracle would be to have the
    ability to transfer lob objects, since that cannot be done with
    a simple insert statement.