Solaris install/exec issue QString seg fault

  • schwerwolf

    schwerwolf - 2004-12-08

    Here's what I've done:

    Compiled and linked tora- to Qt-free-3.3.3 and Oracle 9.2.0. Qt-free was compiled and linked statically with multithreaded support. All compilation and linking was done using Sun's CC compiler version 6 update 2.

    I can execute tora-static or tora-mono (I've tried both). The first splash screen appears. I press okay and it segfaults. The segfault occurs on a call to QString::setLength(uint newLen) in the Qt library.

    Has anyone successfully installed TOra on Solaris using Sun's compiler? I'd like to hear a happy ending.

    • schwerwolf

      schwerwolf - 2004-12-08

      My elation at successfully compiling Qt on solaris was premature. Qt core dumps on any interaction after load.

      I will attempt to correctly compile Qt and post my results thereafter.

      I'd still like to know of someone who has successfully installed TOra on Solaris using CC.

    • schwerwolf

      schwerwolf - 2004-12-10

      The install of Qt works now, but I still have issues. I had to compile Qt with g++ (3.4.2) in order for it to work.

      In summary:
      CC(WS6U2) + STL support => seg faults on execute of TOra.
      g++(3.4.2) + STL support => compile errors: (::vfwscanf not declared...)

      TOra uses STL, so I figured that is the crux of the problem. Once I can compile Qt with STL support using gcc, I should have a working TOra. Any suggestions?

    • schwerwolf

      schwerwolf - 2004-12-21

      The only solution I have found is to compile and link Qt and tora using an updated compiler. Sun One Studio 9 I think.

      That compiler handles STL much better and can compile both Qt and Tora without problems.


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