Only MySQL on connection provider list

  • Terry Nelson

    Terry Nelson - 2010-11-03

    Ubuntu 10.10
    Just installed TOra 2.1.2 using software center
    The only item on the connection provider list is MySQL
    I need to connect to other DBs including SQLite and other ODBC as well as Oracle, Postgre, &c.
    I cannot find how to add options to the connection provider list.
    I have installed unixodbc

    How can I install / add other DB connection providers to TOra?

  • Anonymous - 2011-01-18

    I have this same issue! Any ideas?

  • Eric Härtel

    Eric Härtel - 2011-01-18

    I installed the libqt4-sql-psql for postgres and it works 8-)

  • Richard TheDeveloper

    The only providers I KNOW that work are: mysql, postgresql and odbc (through which I've used sqlite3).  Oracle should work (since it was originally written for oracle) but I've never verified this (and I think you may have to build it yourself, since I think it links to oracle libraries which are not re-distributable).

    The following applies to Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick)

    For mysql, I have libqt4-sql-mysql installed
    For postgresql I have libqt4-sql-psql installed
    For odbc I have libqt4-sql-odbc installed

    Installing the above should pull in the other required libraries needed to connect to the respective databases.

    (you might think that installing libqt4-sql-sqlite would let Tora understand sqlite3 databases…but you'd probably be wrong.  It only seems to support it through the libqt4-sql-odbc )

    To get sqlite3 to work in Tora, I installed the above libqt4-sql-odbc, plus  unixodbc, unixodbc-bin and libsqliteodbc

    Under ubuntu, the sqlite3 driver for odbc was installed automatically. 

    (If it is not, you probably have to run ODBCConfig as root (using sudo ODBCConfig ) and add a driver for it.  (The driver lib and setup lib were both set to /usr/lib/odbc/ in my configuration))

    Then you have to configure a DSN for your sqlite3 database.  Run ODBCConfig as the user you will be running Tora as.  NOT as root (do NOT use sudo).  (If you run as root, it will create a DSN for root, and you will wonder why it complains about it not existing (It will say something like: Unable to connect to the database. Data source name not found, and no default driver specified)

    Add an entry for your sqlite3 database under 'User DSN'.
    For the driver, pick SQLite3
    For the database, enter the path to the sqlite3 database
    (Under the current ODBCConfig, the checkmark in the upper left is the 'ok' button.  Very odd.  Remember to click it to save your entry)
    Remember the name you gave your DSN

    In ~/.odbc.ini there should be an entry for that name

    Run Tora.  There should hopefully now be an entry name ODBC under 'connection provider'.  I left username, password, host blank, port = 0, and set the database to the name of the DSN.

    Upon connection it will probably complain about some tool not supporting the current database.  Ignore it.

    Tora doesn't seem to support the schema browser.  It only seems to support the SQL editor, but this means that you might have to start up sqlite3 from the command line to get a list of tables, etc.

    I hope this helps somebody.  I spent this morning figuring it out…


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