I need to write a migration script to upgrade a live Oracle database from an old release to the newest version. I've been told that TOra could help me so I've just installed version 2.0.0 under Windows XP. However, I can't figure out how to use the software.

I've checked out the original *.sql files from the subversion repository and I've created two databases: one holds the previous release and the other one holds the latest version. Now I want to generate the appropriate ALTER TABLE statements. I start TOra and I connect to both databases. Then I go to **Tools-> DB Extraction/Compare/Search**. I'm provided with four main options:

**Compare** allows me to pick the two databases but all I get is a "Results" tab with two trees. The one on the left is labelled "Dropped" and constains the complete source database. The one on the right is labelled as "Created" and contains the complete destination database. No SQL code anyway.

**Extract** only allows to pick a source database. It generates lots of "ORA-00942: la tabla o vista no existe" warnings and produces a "Result" tab with CREATE TABLE statements. I already have that in my Subversion repository…

**Search** only allows to pick a source database. Anyway, it seems to be a tool to find stuff.

**Report** has a tooltip that says "Create database scripts to convert schema or database from source to destination". That's exactly what I need! However, it won't allow me to pick a destination (only a source). And all it generates is report in HTML format, not SQL code.

What am I missing?