ORA-12514 trying to connect to Database

  • Ceri

    Ceri - 2009-01-07


    I have just installed TOra 2.0 as I am hoping it will be a decent replacement for SQLDeveloper, but I cannot connect to any Oracle Databases.

    I am running XP SP2. I installed TOra using tora-2.0-setup.exe

    I have Oracle 10g Client installed (I have been unsing this for ages so I know this is working) and also I have installed (unpacked) the 11g Instant Client into to TOra directory, and setup my PATH as in the Instant Client Documentation.

    When I try to connect to a database using the Oracle (Instant Client) connector I get the following message.

    ORA-12514: TNS:listener does not currently know of service requested in connect descriptor

    I am pretty sure the connection details are correct, as I use them with SQLDeveloper.  I am assuming that in the connection details where it asks for database this is the Oracle SID.  Is this correct?

    I do not have an option the use the Oracle TNS connector..should I have one?

    Can anyone help me fix this?



    • ilanbe

      ilanbe - 2009-01-12

      I have a similar problem. I'm using the  TOra-2.0-windows.zip  package.
      The connection works using Oracle SQLplus command line but not using TOra.

      Can anyone help with that?

    • Mohamed Patel

      Mohamed Patel - 2009-01-14

      Yes I have the same problem. Please help...

    • Mike Johnson

      Mike Johnson - 2009-01-14

      Please use the 10.2 instant client with the Windows build, they are not major-version compatible.

      Try the SERVICE_NAME value from tnsnames... Let me know if that works.

      • Mike Johnson

        Mike Johnson - 2009-01-14

        Er, sorry. Too fast on the submit button. You don't have a tns provider listed probably because you don't have ORACLE_HOME defined. You wouldn't want to use it anyhow.

    • Anonymous - 2009-02-11

      Took me a while to get this too...

      First, download Version "Instant Client Package - Basic: All files required to run OCI, OCCI, and JDBC-OCI applications".  (Lite version may work too)

      Here's a link although it might eventually stop working:

      Second, extract (or drag) the DLL files form the client to "C:\Program Files\TOra\"

      Third, set up your client as follows:

      Connection Provider:  Oracle (Instant Client)
      Username:  username
      Password:  ******
      Host: (The ip or hostname of the server)
      Schema:  (leave blank for now)
      Port:  (leave at 1521)
      Database:  (get this from the SID = XXX value in your ORACLE_HOME, sometimes "c:\orant\NET80\ADMIN\")  You can probably guess this value easily.

      This should save some people a couple hours!


    • Mohamed Patel

      Mohamed Patel - 2009-02-24


      I tried the above but I get the error

      Unable to connect to the database
      ORA-12514 TNS:listener does not currently know of service requested in connect descriptor

      Can you help me out? Can I not somehow connect using the tnsnames file?

      Thanks in advance.

    • Vladimir Jigounov

      I also want to add that in my case Oracle gives error 12514 if I do not specify database.

  • Daniel Steinhöfer


    It took me about five annoying hours to figure out how to come around the 12514 message. I tried out several combinations of setting env-variables, installing instant-clients, tora-versions, exchanging dlls all to no success.

    Finally the following worked for me on XP with tora 2.0, trying to connect against a remote oracle 11 db (I do not know whether all steps are really necessary):

    - DL instant client, extract to somepath\ -
    - create somepath\network\admin
    - add tnsnames.ora with the values you get from you dba.
    mine looks like:
        (ADDRESS_LIST =
          (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = dbhost)(PORT = dbhostport))
        (CONNECT_DATA =
          (SID = dbsid)
          (SERVER = DEDICATED)

    - Add ORACLE_HOME = somepath\ as a env-var (e.g. as a user-variable)
    - Add TNS_ADMIN = somepath\  (not so sure whether neccesary)
    - Add sometpath\ to your path
    - Eventually add NLS_LANG as system-variable. See oracle documentation for details. Assumingly this one is neither needed.
    - Reboot (chaka!)
    - Install Tora 2.0 and run it

    - Now you should be able to choose Oracle(TNS) as for connection provider and all DB_Aliases should be displayed under the database drop down.

    - Choose your db, fill in username and pw information and hopefully connect succesfully to your db.

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards

  • Daniel Steinhöfer

    No need to create the directory somepath\network\admin
    just insert the tnsnames.ora into the somepath\ directory

  • Rok Banko

    Rok Banko - 2009-11-05

    steinhoe is right!

    Add ORACLE_HOME to user variables and set the path to the oracle (instant) client directory. In my case it was:  


    (no need for instant client if you have oracle client)

    Windows XP SP3, Tora 2, Oracle client 10.2.0.

      : http://www.shrani.si/f/3n/u2/2A9zmDTz/oraclehome.jpg


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