ORA-26175992 when connecting to server

  • I have removed the installable version of TOra 2.0 from my Windows XP system to replace it with the ZIP version of TOra 2.1.1. But now I can no longer connect to the server. I get this error message:

    Unable to connect to the database.
    ORA-26175992 missing error description

    I cannot find any description of such error code. What can the problem be?

    (I could connect with 2.0 and I can still connect with SQL*Plus and SQL Developer.)

  • Delete oci.dll from the tora installation directory. That is a stub DLL provided (non functional) so that tora will function even if oracle isn't installed since we can't distribute oracle easily.

  • Thanks a lot, it works like a charm now.

  • Is this documented somewhere?

  • Just in the announcement. This was a rush build to help out one of the developers that needed to do a demo. I'll re-do this build at some point, hopefully fully packaged.