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TOra 2 and Oracle 11.x

  • Juan Luis Baptiste


    Which is the state about tora 2 and Oracle 11.x support ? I remember than on the last 1.3.x version of tora it only supported until 10R2. I installed oracle instant client 11.1 and it seems to work fine with tora 2, at least for a basic usage like browsing schemas and doing simple queries.

    I wanted to know this because I'm packaging tora for Mandriva and need to set up dependencies correctly, the name of oracle instant client pakages changes depending on the version being installed. The versions prior to 11.1 used oracle-instantclient-basic-xx.yy as it's name, but the 11.1 uses oracle-instantclient11.1-basic-xx.yy which makes putting a generic Requires on the spec file for all versions impossible, AFAIK.


    • Petr Vaněk

      Petr Vaněk - 2009-07-10

      I'm using 11.x libs (database server installed) on one box and tora is working fine. There are some SVN changes required: add a 11G into cmake help output strings. I'll do it asap.

      Oracle's naming convention is mess.


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