Gerard H. Pille - 2008-09-15

One of the advantages of Tora is that you could manipulate the SQL which is executed to obtain eg. statistics.  When you ask for the "server tuning" tool, the statistics are all wrong on a 10g database, because the queries use statistic numbers which have changed from 9 to 10.   No problem, you can change the numbers in the queries, or better, use names so that you can run against both database versions.

I wanted to have a look how 1.4 would handle this, maybe I'd find queries with names in there.

The first query I found was this monster:

Generate chart of physical I/O of database.
select SYSDATE,
       sum(decode(statistic#,42,value,0)) "Physical reads",
       sum(decode(statistic#,46,value,0)) "Physical writes",
       sum(decode(statistic#,119,value,0)) "Redo writes"
  from v$sysstat where statistic# in (54,62,138)

What is going on here?  This can not be a mistake.  Is someone trying to make a farce out of Tora?