font selecting in tora

  • Hi,
    even I am changing fonts in my gnome desktop, tora displays its own font (too big). How tora selects fonts (for menu)?


    • Same problem. I don't have KDE installed on my Gentoo, only Gnome. Font size of TOra menus is something like 14 instead of choosen 8. I can't find a way to decrease font size.
      PS: Skype also uses qt, but font size is ok.

      Is there any way to set menu font size in tora?

    • Petr Vaněk
      Petr Vaněk

      TOra is using Qt. You can change Qt apps fonts with for example qtconfig (qt4) GUI utility.

      Note: I don't know if GNOME is handling qt apps someway (as KDE does with GNOME apps - suggesting them to use the same font as in KDE). So there can be more ways how to solve it.