#862 Datetime format error in exported sql file

Windows (27)

# Spec
Tora version: 2.1.3
OS: windows 7
DB: postgreSQL 9.1

# The steps to produce the bugs:
1. After connecting with a PostgreSQL database, I opened Schema Browser
2. I clicked/selected a table which has a date-time type column
3. At record list, I right-clicked it and selected menu "Export to a file..."
4. The setting I chose:
- Format of Data: SQL
- Rows: All (Full Fetch)
- Columns: All in Row
- Leave the two checkbox unchecked
5. Click OK
6, Save the SQL file
7. Open the SQL file, you will see that the date-time format is invalid. It has 'T' character between date and time, also it has no enclosing quote. For example:

insert into myschema.mytable values (0, 'Y', 2008-05-30T21:46:55);

See the third column data. The correct date-time data should be like this:

insert into myschema.mytable values (0, 'Y', '2008-05-30 21:46:55');


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