Too many BT clients under the sun?

  • SuomynonaEno

    SuomynonaEno - 2008-09-23

    1. I saw you (nick:- sren) posted introductory Top-BT threads over Vuze, and Bittorrent's forums? Is this a pre-release for just devs or do you need their inputs?

    2. You can actually make better opportunity with the BUILD doc txt file for non-devs. Make it in points for normal users to be able to make use of the suggested tools/compilers (python, nsis etc) to at elast make it educational enough for people to be able to compile stuff. I may have gotten a few things wrongs on my fault but still though the doc needs work.

    3. Is it that this project so far has been a solo effort? Why not bring Top-BT's strengths to Halite? Look here ..That guy Eoin needs help too and with Halite' already with a proper installer, GUI (I'm saying this generously though that needs work as well) and all the standard BT features in place, it shouldn't be too hard to bring all the pieces together now would it? Halite gets by throttling real good (possibly by its own method of PE [plain + RC4 implements]) albeit with still some minor bugs to iron out.

    • Sam

      Sam - 2008-11-03

      Hello SuomynonaEno,

      As for your questions,

      1) This is a version 1.1. It runs under both Windows and Linux, although some software like WinPcap should be installed. We definitely welcome other devs inputs.

      2) Good suggestions. We will work on it. Right now only two of us do coding, and we will write formal README and INSTALL documents when we get time.

      3) Halite looks interesting. It seems to be coded in C++, while Top-BT is based on python code. But we might find some way to share experience and contribute.


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