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Baby Tooth Chart / News: Recent posts

It's been a good 22 months?

Been 22 months since I did anything pertaining to toothchart - Anyway, I've made some changes to my personal website, and with new babee on the way I'll probably review toothchart again.

Have a look-see here on the family website http://www.verrips.org/toothchart/nathan.php

Posted by Roy Verrips 2004-03-07

Feedback Please!

Please provide some feedback as to what your experiences are, what you'd like changed, your expectations, your view on the code, etc.

Please do this in block provided on the main page of the website.


Posted by Roy Verrips 2002-07-12

Toothchart is in BETA

Added the dates display to the core output (index.php) and some documentation, so off goes the release of toothchart-beta-0.02.0

I'm guessing things will slow down for a while now, until interest in the script increases.

Posted by Roy Verrips 2002-07-03

Toothchart Graphics Updated

Did some work on the core graphics, hopefully got the foundation laid nicely for the rest of the project to build on.

Hopefully changes to come won't mess with the pic's too much.

Have a look at the work done on http://toothchart.sourceforge.net/toothchart-alpha-0.01.2/

And as a result, released a new version, alpha-0.01.2 - Get it from http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=56572

Posted by Roy Verrips 2002-07-02

Website Launched

It's a Postnuke site, obviosly, as we hope that toothchart will eventually end up as nuke module ...

This being the case, however, all content for the site will be linked back to the sourceforge project info, so in effect none of the Postnuke modules are in use, other then the PHP block pull from externally generated cache.


Posted by Roy Verrips 2002-06-27

Alpha Stage Reached

Although it's basically only a script with 40 small gifs, toothchart alpha is out. Download it, and have a look!

It's really simple at the moment, but the potential is there - Next step, get the graphics looking better.

Posted by Roy Verrips 2002-06-27