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What is ToolShed

ToolShed is a package of utilities to perform cross-development from Windows, Linux or Mac OS X computers to the Tandy Color Computer and Dragon microcomputers. Tools are included to read/write both OS-9 RBF disk images and CoCo Disk BASIC disk images, create WAV and CAS files and much more.

The source code (M6809 assembler) for HDB-DOS, DWDOS, and SuperDos is also hosted in the ToolShed source repository.


The latest release can be found through the "Files" menu above, taking you to https://sourceforge.net/projects/toolshed/files/ToolShed/. From time to time there might be a newer development snapshot at http://toolshed.sourceforge.net/snapshots/

If you want to build it yourself, or modify the code, get the current development source from the source repository, also available under the "Code" menu above.

Please see the NitrOS-9 documentation for build instructions.


The manual can be found here and is maintained in the source repository /doc/ folder


The developers are hanging out at IRC #coco_chat on Freenode, and the CoCo mailing list.


Please report bugs in the bug tracker


LWTOOLS - used for building HDB-DOS
DriveWire - transfer files between your CoCo and another computer and much more
NitrOS-9 - a real operating system for your CoCo

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