toMOTko 0.9.0 released.

A lot of work into this new release.

First, I introduced a dependency to zlib library.
This was needed to save vocabulary data in compressed
binary. It makes the application faster (less time to
load/save data) and may save a significant amount of disk
space. The zlib library will also be useful for future
additions (import/export folder and image/sound support).
You can find the ipk file in the "download files" section
of the project page in the dependencies package.

Second, before installing this release, if you have
existing data from a previous that you want to keep,
I suggest you to install previous versions chronologically,
start the application and quit it immediately.
This will convert the data if needed. If you're already
using v0.8.0, ignore this. If you're using v0.5.0, you
should upgrade to v0.6.0, then to v0.7.0, and so on.

Third, when installing this new version, don't be
surprised if it takes a little bit longer than usual.
It's because I have added a script that will backup
your data in a hidden directory named .toMOTko-before-0.9.0.
This way, in case there is a bug in the application that
would corrupt the data, you will have a backup. Better be
safe than sorry. That's the problem with binary data.
It's faster but it'salso unreadable so I cannot make
sure it's bug-free. That being said, I'm using the
application daily and have not encountered such a bug yet.

Fourth, after installation, you should start and immediatly
quit the application. This will convert and save all the
vocabulary data in compressed binary. It may take a minute
or two if you have a lot of data. Once it's done, loading
and saving data should be a lot faster.

Finally, because of a change in the persistence
implementation of the preferences, some shortcut
accelerators may be lost. Use the preferences dialog to
reset them.

That's it. Study hard!

- Implemented cut, copy, and paste for vocabularies and folders.
- Added scrolling capabilities with arrow keys for Quiz.
- Got rid of LegacyVocabParser for deprecatedglossary XML format.
- Save vocabulary tree in compressed binary.
- Began adding support for Chinese (still embryonary).
- Improved persistence management for keyboard accelerators.
- Save Quiz state (per language pair).
- Improved column width management for lists.
- Added Properties panel showing author, dates, and counters.
- Added Preferences option to hide Quiz's buttons.
- Added Maximize button for Quiz and Glossary Manager.
- Added missing digraphs.
- Put digraph definitions in a separate text file (/opt/Qtopia/lib/toMOTko/digraphs.conf).
- Compressed glossary files (using zlib).
- Added installation script that backup previous data.
- Various bug fixes.

Posted by Frederic Bergeron 2007-12-20

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