toMOTko 0.6.0 released.

At last, toMOTko can speak and teach other languages! You can now use toMOTko not only to learn Japanese and English, but other languages like French, Spanish, German, and so on.

The interface of toMOTko also comes in 4 languages : English, French, Spanish, and Japanese.

I have included a built-in support for writing accents. It's implemented using digraphes (the idea is borrowed from the famous editor Vim). Only a few accents are supported at the moment.

If you intend to use toMOTko for learning several languages, it's recommended to install unifont to display as many characters. You can find it here :

One last thing, I have dropped the very first format of toMOTko, the one used in version 0.1.x. In the very unlikely occurrence that someone is still using this format, before upgrading to 0.6.0, it's necessary to upgrade first to 0.5.0, start and quit the application. This will convert automatically the old format.

Changes log:

- Added built-in support for accents (digraphs).
- Added support for other languages.
- Added font overrides per language.
- Internationalized the interface in French, Spanish and Japanese (partially).
- Changed the data format from XML to binary for optimization (disk space and speed).
- Converted existing glossaries.
- Dropped very first glossary file format.

Posted by Frederic Bergeron 2007-08-17