#2 A simple way to improve effectiveness



maybe you already thought of that and you decided not to implement it, but I've studied a bit language teaching, and you know, I believe a very important feature toMOTko is lacking now is the chance for the user (=the student) of actually writing him/herself the correct answer for the current card. You might add such test modality, it would be very easy to code, and would improve greatly the effectiveness of the software.
I think you can do that adding an operator in the Actions -> Preferences -> Quiz -> + part, in which you can choose whether just push the box in the quiz window normally as you would do now, affecting the sequence only, or first push a "?" botton, then the box, resulting in the revealing sequence in something like ?(a) meaning the software will actually ask you to input the correct answer. Or anyway a similar solution...

Advantages of such solution: more types of memory would be involved in the process of learning, resulting in a faster grasp of the words, as well as a more conscious/proper use of vocabulary in real-world situations.

Can't wait version 0.12.X with the SuperMemo-2 algorithm!! ;)


  • Frederic Bergeron

    Thanks for the suggestion. Actually, nothing prevents you from writing the answer on paper :-) That's what I was doing when learning Japanese. Especially useful for memorizing kanjis.

    Anyway, I don't dismiss your proposition. It's just that I don't have much free time lately and I don't expect things to change anytime soon :-( That's too bad because v0.12 is almost complete (on the Zaurus version in fact). Well, it works but there are still some bugs to fix and some polish to apply.

  • Frederic Bergeron

    By curiosity, could you tell me on what platform are you using toMOTko?

  • Frederic Bergeron

    • priority: 5 --> 2

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