#447 javaScript failures

Web UI (151)
wim niemans

Running the application shows quite a lot errors that getElementById() is called with a null string.


  • Srini Kandula

    Srini Kandula - 2009-11-10

    Can you provide the steps to follow to reproduce these errors?

  • wim niemans

    wim niemans - 2009-12-20

    No. It is not clear where they come from, except from the montoring code for refreshing the pane and timing out. This code causes a getElementById(null).
    Other points to suspect: clicking from main menu to submenu.

  • wim niemans

    wim niemans - 2010-01-03

    It looks like it typically happens in the monitoring-for-refresh code.
    The code for updateVersions will error with this message when the serverresponse ends with just a comma. This is not checked.

    When a wizard is active, displayed or hidden, this does not happen. Something to do with the idleCounting?

  • John Churin

    John Churin - 2010-02-02
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