Tokamak + Opcode

  • frca1

    frca1 - 2009-08-28

    Does Tokamak require Opcode to support trimesh collision detection? And if that is true, which version of Opcode is Tokamak supposed to work with? Thanks.

    • manthrax

      manthrax - 2009-08-29

      Nope, tokamak is completely self contained, afaik.

    • frca1

      frca1 - 2009-08-29

      Is there some example/demo/tutorial/code snippet/whatever available to show usage of trimesh in Tokamak? Thanks.

    • frca1

      frca1 - 2009-08-29

      Oh, and more importantly, does the Tokamak support arbitrary triangle meshes, or only those formed in a heightmap terrain? I ask this because I found a neSimulator::SetTerrainMesh which looks kind of suspicious ;). By an arbitrary mesh I mean for example a Quake-type level or something like that.

    • frca1

      frca1 - 2009-08-30

      I just tested it and it works like a charm. One note: The tris in the trimesh are two-sided. It is similar to Bullet and different from ODE, where tris are one-sided (if I remember well).


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