Joint Limits

  • Walle

    Walle - 2007-09-29

    Hey all,
    I try to simulate a rope with tokamak. Therefor I connected several RigidBodys (RB) with ball joints (BJ):

    RB1 - BJ1 - RB2 - BJ2 - RB3 - BJ3 - RB3 - ....

    That works perfectly. But the rope pices (RigidBodys) are free in rotation around the rope axis. Is it possible to limit the twist around one Axis of the ball joint (EnableLimit2 etc.)?


    • Walle

      Walle - 2007-10-01

      I figured out that for ball and socket joints, a twist limit can also be specified. This is done by calling the SetUpperLimit2 and SetLowerLimit2 functions. But Tokamak crash when calling Advance - the problem only occurs when I limit a joint with an AnimatedBody.

      • David Lam

        David Lam - 2007-10-25

        Can you post the setup code so I can try to repro the crash?



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